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Care and Maintenance of Huadongtrack®


1. Regular floor maintenance is recommended. Daily Sweeping is suggested especially for high traffice area.


2. Regular washing is recommended depending on programs being performed on the surfaces.Washing detergent must be a wild type.


3. Surface should be vaccumed of all loose dirt from the floor prior to washing.


4. Sofe nylon brushes are recommended when washing. The use of Auto-Scrubber with cylindrical brush is ideal.


5. Solution should set for 10 minutes before you vacuum of solution. Heavily soided area shold be scrubbed twice. Do not allow the cleaning solution dry onto the floor.


6. Use fresh water to rinse the floor of any residue left behind. This procedure may need to be done more than once unti all residue is removed.


7. Protect your surface when moving heavy equipment. Always use plywood to protect the surface ,especially when allowing vehicles on surface. Pls. make sure all equipment is in good working in order to avoid any oid or gas spills.


8. All food and drinks should be prohibited on the surfaces.


9. Recommended Mainternance Equipment Includes:

Vaccum, Sweeper(Walk Behind),Auto-Scrubber, Brooms, Pails, and etc.



30 years on rubber products


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