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Get the ground dimension on the spot, draw the plane graph and paving graph, order prefabricated rubber running track according to the drawing, so that to control and decrease wastage.


Confirm the specification, quantity and color of prefabricated rubber running track to make sure the consistency as ordered.


To install the same ground using the same batch prefabricated rubber running track to avoid slight color aberration.


Adhesive should be the one which is special for prefabricated rubber running track. Regular proportion and use level should be known before use. It should be used up within the prescribe time.


Before laying, you should make sure the dryness (humidity≤10%) and clean of prefabricated rubber running track and it should be installed within the prescribe temperature(10℃≤permissive temperature≤40℃).


The marker point and location lines should be confirmed by the technicial people according to the design requirements and should be marked brightly. It should be rechecked and correct before laying.


Irregular surface convex mark is not belonged to the defect of prefabricated rubber running track.




The round of track field should be closed up to avoid non-staff and vehicles to entrance the construction ground.


Confirm the construction working area to make sure the most convenience of connection of the entrance,exit,storage of prefabricated rubber running track and water,electric equipment.


The double composition adhensive should be put in another place and plant the bright mark of fire ban.


The mixing of adhensive should need one hand mixer machine and two dry metal pail.


Mixed adhensive should use tooth plastic or metal screed to scrape.


The move and expand of prefabricated rubber running track should use dedicated pulley bracket, be sure not to do this by manpower.


The trim of prefabricated rubber running track should according to the predrawed paving graph. Trim one piece then install one piece and on.


The trim of prefabricated rubber running track should use dedicated trim tools( hand wheel cut tool or cut plywood kinfe tool)




Flatness: The base should have definit strength and stability. The base can not have crack and uneven forest heave caused by frost. The flatness qualification rate should above 95%, the error of ruler and feeler should be within 3mm.


Gradient: Transverse<1%,longitude<1‰, jump zone<4‰, the surface should be smooth and flat to make sure the drain.


The quality of asphalt mixture: Choose the low wax content asphalt, the scene temperature of the mixed mixture should ≥130℃, the compaction temperature≥120℃, terminal pressure temperature≥70℃; The number of roller passes should be more than 2 times, no visible wheel marks, adjust the compactness and flatness at all times.


Strength and stability: The surface should be even and compact, flat without crack, no pockmark. The joint should be smooth ,no obvious elevation difference. The gravel particle size of thin layer of asphalt concrete surface should be 2-5 mm, oil contain 5.8-6.4%; the gravel particle size of thick layer of asphalt concrete surface should be 6-10 mm,oil contain 4.6-5.8%.


Drain: The standing water should be drained by drain system within 2 hours after the heavy rain.


Curing period: The curing period of asphalt base should be 28 days, you can cut down the days in the high tempertaure and heavy rain season.


The confirmation of design requirements: 


Confirm the radius and lane width according to the design drawing and owner’s scheme. General 400 meters standard track field is recommend for the radius : 36.5m, the lane width:1.22m.


Confirm the configuration of the item of field events and track events


Confirm the thickness.Genaral the thickness of primary runway and half circle area is 13mm. 


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